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Instructions for Parent access codes and first-time setup

Schoology Parent Overview

Login URL for Students:
Login URL for Teachers: http://schoology.pausd.org 

Please note that the Schoology iOS app is not available to parents yet.

What is Schoology? Schoology is a homework and learning management system for teachers, students, and parents. Teachers can post homework, files, and classroom information. Students will be able to access all the information by logging in with their student ID# and password that they created on https://palo-alto.edu/ at school. Students will also be able to upload files that they can download at home or school. And parents will be able to login to observe their child(ren)'s assignments and calendars. When assignments or calendar events are added by the teacher, students will be able to see them listed in their "Calendar" section or in the "Assignments" of each class.

Also PAUSD Google Docs is available to interact with Schoology: GOOGLE Docs Login for STUDENTS is https://.palo-alto.edu